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Natural Silver Golden Quartzite Cultured Wall Cladding Stone Veneer


Natural Quartzite


24"*6", 60*15 cm, 10*40cm 18*35 cm, Z and S type interlock or Custom Design


1cm-3cm,most is natural surface, thickness is 1.5~2.5cm as your requirement


Silver Golden,White, Golden


Used for inside or outside,quartzite wall cladding ledge stone panel


stacked shape with bayonet or straight line edge

Package :

Fill and foam inside the carton and seaworthy crate

Silver Golden Quartzite plus big pieces Golden Quartzite 4 stripes Golden Quartzite color A
SGQ - 1 SGQ - 2 SGQ - 3
Silver sand Quartzite 15*60cm  cultured stone Quartzite 5 stripes ledge stone veneer 4 stripes Golden Quartzite 24"*6" wall stone panel
SGQ - 4 SGQ - 5 SGQ - 6
Golden silver Quartzite cultured stone 4 stripes Quartzite wall stone Golden silver Quartzite wall cladding stone
SGQ - 7 SGQ - 8 SGQ - 9
Golden Quartzite 10*40cm,interlock cultured stone 5 stripes sliver Quartzite wall stone S shape Quartzite wall cladding stone golden silver 10*36cm
SGQ - 10 SGQ - 11 SGQ - 12
silver Quartzite 15*60cm wall cladding stone 5 stripes Golden silver Quartzite wall stone Quartzite wall cladding stone silver sand color
SGQ - 13 SGQ - 14 SGQ - 15
Quartzite silver 24 Z shape 4 stripes silver Golden Quartzite wall stone Quartzite wall cladding stone factory
SGQ - 16 SGQ - 17 SGQ - 18

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